„Printmaking IN” is an international graphic art festival that annually gathers artists from across the world; the festival includes exhibitions, masterclasses, artist talks, performances and other public events aimed at popularizing graphic art and integrating art in the everyday.


In 2018 the festival’s motto is “Heavens’ Underground” as it invites the artists to consider the paradoxes and controversies that are an integral part of our everyday life.

Is there Underground in Heaven? Is there Heaven in Underground? Such questions that look to link the opposites may seem unusual, even absurd. Heaven and all that we connote with it seem so utterly incompatible with Underground. However, Heaven, a place of fulfillment and happiness, and Underground, a place for alternative culture and freedom, are like water and oil: never mixing yet always close to us in our lives. In one moment you can be in Heaven, in another – in Underground. And so, Heaven and Underground mirror life’s paradoxical nature.

During the festival Riga will become the world graphic art control point. Various venues will host exhibitions, performances and arts events, with the participation of artists from Finland, Aland islands, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/PrintmakingInLatvia/